Amaira SOS Intensive Skin Lightening Cream

#1 Choice for Lightening Dark Spots and Dark Pigmentations
  • Lightens skin up to 3 shades
  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • 4X more effective than outdated Hydroquinone in lightening skin
  • For face, underarms, knees, elbows, inner thighs, knuckles, and more
  • No Hydroquinone, no harsh chemicals
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Amaira SOS Intensive Skin Lightening Cream uses natural plant extracts to lighten dark skin pigmentation. We opt for safe and healthy alternatives that are four times more effective than outdated Hydroquinone.

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Amaira SOS Intensive Skin Lightening Cream
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Kelly I - 10/23/2019
“LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! Ever since I started using it my skin tone has improved dramatically. Everyone who struggles with hyperpigmentation should give it a shot.”
Alice G. - 7/17/2019
“Ever since I started getting acne as a teen, I’ve struggled with marks and scarring. This product is a real miracle worker. I no longer have to spend insane amounts of money on high coverage foundations - my skin looks incredible bare!”
Victoria A. - 4/2/2019
“This product has shown results in a really short amount of time. My skin is glowing and the dark spots look lighter, which I haven’t been able to achieve for years. I would highly recommend this product for people who want to even out their skin tone.”

“Used Amaira to brighten underarms for my wedding. So impressed with the results. I highly recommend!"

Cara T. - 6/12/2019

“Takes time because of the natural ingredients but be patient cus it works!”

Natalia G. - 8/19/2019

“Incredible results. Will buy again!”

Wian Pei W. - 4/2/2019

No harsh chemicals
No perfumes or parabens
Natural ingredients
Jojoba oil to moisturize
Safely brighten with HexylresorcinolLighten skin without irritation
Can be used on sensitive skinFor face, underarms, elbows, knees, inner thighs, and more
Amaira Is Rated The #1 ForSkin Brightening and Pigment Control

Amaira has been rated #1 for resolving any problems that have to do with hyperpigmentation, pigments and dark spot. Suitable for every skin type, Amaira’s products are devoted to selecting the best natural ingredients possible and providing you with a safe and powerful non-invasive affordable skin lightening.

You can rest assured knowing you’re using a certified, quality product that uses natural and gentle ingredients.

Free of any harsh chemicals.

Suitable for all skin types.

Natural and plant-based ingredients.

Contains naturally-derived organic compounds that are clinically proven to be four times more effective than outdated Hydroquinone in lightening skin

Eli P. - 6/7/2019
“It works. It works. It works. Not switching for any other brand any time soon!”
Hannah B - 10/2/2019
“I’ve struggled with dealing with dark underarms for a while. It really affected the type of clothes I wear and my confidence level. Tried a bunch of products that only seemed to make it darker. So glad I finally found Amaira’s SOS intensive lightening cream. It’s been the only thing that works!”
Alison T. - 8/8/2019
“Used this for lightening dark patches on my inner thighs. Super impressed with the results I’ve seen in the last two months. Be patient, the results are worth it!”
How It Works
Miracle Ingredient

A key ingredient in our unique breakthrough formula is 4-Hexylrescorcinol - an organic compound naturally derived from the bran factions of rye and other cereals that exhibit powerful melanin inhibiting properties. This pioneering ingredient is a safe alternative to harsh skin-brightening chemicals and is clinically proven to have a skin lightening effect four times stronger than outdated Hydroquinone.

Four Times Stronger than Outdated Hydroquinone

Melanin inhibitors are amazing for skin brightening due to the fact that melanin is the pigment responsible for the production of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Naturally, when this production is inhibited, our skin is left spot-free and flawless. 

Antioxidant Powerhouse

This unparalleled formula also contains Jojoba oil for a dose of long-lasting hydration and moisture. Bursting with nutrients such as Vitamin E and B, this antioxidant-rich powerhouse will make your skin soft, supple and glowing. We also added Hyaluronic acid for an anti-aging bonus. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles! This powerful humectant is a source of constant moisture, protecting the skin against environmental pollutants, UV rays, and free radicals.

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Brighten Your Skin Tone
Our SOS Intensive Skin Lightening Cream is ideal for anyone who wishes to lighten or even out their skin tone on body areas including

✔ face
✔ underarms
✔ knees
✔ elbows
✔ inner thighs
✔ knuckles
Say Goodbye to Hyperpigmentation
Blemishes and skin spots occur naturally over time, and it’s important to use a natural product to remedy these issues so as not to cause further damage or scarring from harsh chemicals. Amaira is designed to treat spots such as:

✔ Age Spots/Liver Spots
✔ Hyperpigmentation
✔ Birthmarks
✔ Dark Spots
✔ Melasma
No More Scars
Whether your scars are from surgery, or an accident which damaged your skin, you can use Amaira to fade scars and make the skin around the affected area more radiant.

✔ Acne Scars
✔ C-Section/Hysterectomy Scars
✔ Breast Implant Scars
✔ Tummy-Tuck Scars
✔ Burn Scars
✔ Body-Piercing Scars
Ready for bright, even-toned skin?
I'm Ready!
Dylan S. - 9/4/2019
“Had huge scars on my arms and legs from an accident while mountain biking. I thought I’d live with the scars forever but this sos cream helped lighten the scars a few shades. Definitely recommend to all my friends.”
Frida L. - 5/30/2019
“Very good results for a natural product. Love how environmentally conscious the brand is as well.”
Lilian T. - 9/12/2019
“I’ve tried so many different skin lightening brands. Name any, I’ve probably tried them all. Amaira is by far the best results. No irritations and non-drying. Will be buying more.”
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